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Former rock singer gone country. I chose to start writing my own country songs and promoting them locally and on the internet.I also cover artists like Eagles, Zak Brown, Garth (of course), Kenny Chesney, Jamie Johnson, Eric Church, Blake Shelton and other faves….I have lots of ideas on the way! My song Muddin has been used at Mudding Events around the U.S., Canada and overseas. As of now it  has over 480,000 hits on youtube.  I enjoy being a musician and playing live shows. For me, when it comes to music, the most honorary feeling so far is watching the crowds sing along and move to the music that came from me.

I’m excited to say that I will have new songs coming very soon. “Crocodile Soul”, “Get Up”, “Rock On, Peace Out” and “Mmm Hmm” are a few titles to watch for. My newest song “Shake It on the Tailgate” is finally finished and we’re playing it at the shows. I’m currently in the studio working on getting it on the album and will let you know when it’s finished.  Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your visit to my page and feel free to check me out on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. And know that I sub,fan,like and friend everyone back on all of these sites. I try to keep up with the interactions of fans, but sometimes a post or messages gets by without me seeing it. So, feel free to email me anytime at tweidow@neo.rr.com.



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