Road Dog

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Road Dog

We were up on the stage and across the room
sat some men in vests with mean tattoos
fist in the air pumpin to Stuck Like Glue

So we cranked it up for our last song
did another round of Jagerbombs
Threw a shout out to everyone we knew

Well the lights came up the sound went down
Stumbled to the bar for our last round
The men in the vests came over and shook our hands

“We aint about raising hell or trashing bars
We all have jobs we all drive cars
but give us two wheels and this is where we stand”

If you wanna be a Road Dogg
You gotta have a Road Hog
We don’t need no reason to ride and thats alright
You aint gotta be an outlaw
Or shave your face with a chainsaw
Leave the four wheel drive behind, hold on tight
We’re proud to wear the red white and blue
If you ride with us your gonna wear it too
we raise money for the vets forgot by Uncle Sam

Or the little ones in bed and ill
we’ll do a poker run to help pay that bill
Or take a 90 mile ride just because we can
Everybody raise your glass with me…….
Here’s a toast to the family

If you wanna be a Road Dogg….




1. Tim Weidow-Road Dogg

Tim Weidow-Road Dogg  $1.29  


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