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Gettin dirty now that’s for me
Not sittin around watching tv
My girl she just don’t understand
Why I can’t be a white collared man
you can keep your cars on the road
I’m going Muddin

So I called a few buddies
I said Mark you bring out the Jack
And Jerry you bring out the Jim
Then I called my buddy Dale and said
Bring out the big Jeep let’s let the fun begin
Then I gotta go home and my wife says what

You can kick your shoes off at the door
You aint messin up this house anymore
You might think it’s funny to woller around like a pig
But this house is getting dirty and it’s much too big
Here’s a nickel get a new attitude
I’m going Muddin

I bought me some tire’s big ole 44’s
I had to get a ladder just to open the door
My friends don’t miss me when I run down the street
Cuz I’m towering over them by at least 3 feet
You can keep your cars on the road
I’m going Muddin


1. Tim Weidow-Muddin

Tim Weidow-Muddin  $1.29


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